Proportionally size columns to fill pagewidth

Hi folks, i’m new to webflow and have an idea about my website but can’t seem to build it.

I’ve read the forums and viewed the tutorials but they didn’t cover my question. What i would like to build is a homepage which contains 6 pictures, equal in size, and clickable to go to other pages (for example, a picture of me which will go to the about page, etc.)

I’ve build a section and within that section 3 columns. Within each column i’ve put a link block with a background picture. The problem is that the 3 columns don’t fill the full pagewidth.

Steps tried so far:

  • Adjusting the background image width
  • Adjusting the link block width
  • Adjusting the link block margins
  • Changing the position of the link block(s)

Hopefully somebody can give me some guidance to creating the above.

Thanks in advance!

How about not using a ROW element (who is built with many elements who have default magrin/padding values that are hard to fight with) but inline blocks ?

See here:

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@Xander you can go @vincent’s route or follow this to “fix” your current layout :smile:



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