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Property Lawyer website rebuild

Hey everyone,

A new site for a local Property Lawyer.

Live site: (there is still a landing page for the short term)

The Brief: (and these are the directors words)
“Make something that’s better than the bag of s**t we have at the moment, and make us look like we belong in the 21st century”. :joy:

I’m open to feedback on all aspects of design and UX. Here is the old archived site if you’re interested.

I look forward to your responses :grinning: :webflow_heart:

Well done!

The only real criticism I have is the sliding wording with the “Get a quote” button. It’s kind of jarring and on first glance I thought it was just the same animation repeating over and over. Maybe having the “Get a quote” button stay where it is while the wording changes above it might be a good idea?

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Thank you @Cricitem that’s a great idea. I’ve just changed it so it loads and stays there, along with the timing of the text too.

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