Proper open graph image not showing when sharing URL on social sites

I have specified the same open graph image to be used on all pages of However, an image that no longer exists in the assets for the site is being presented instead.

I looked through some of the old forum posts and found an OG facebook debugger and tried that, but it did not work.

What is the no-code solution to remedy this?

Attached is a screenshots that shows what image is appearing and what image should be appearing.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

I rescraped it using the Facebook developer tool (Sharing Debugger - Facebook for Developers) by pressing the “Scrape Again” button. I tested it in an FB post field and it seems to be pulling the correct OG image now:
OG Image screenshot

For completeness, I also did a Twitter card validation ( and it seems to be pulling up the correct image there as well:
Twitter OG image

I hope that fixes it for you.


So, was it just that it needed time to update or that the extra scrapes you did made it happen?

Either way, thank you a bunch!

You’re welcome! :grinning:

It was scraping it again that forced it to update the cached information. I can’t remember a time when Facebook automatically rescraped it after changes have been made to an OG item. I can’t say that I’m patient enough to wait!

Good to know! The solution is to repeat the process until it finally works! LOL

Thank again!

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