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Project Won't Load -- Browser Access from China

I just can’t loading my first stops here for all time.please give me some ideas.thank you!(safari for windows)

Try to use another browser

thank you shokoaviv.we can’t use chrome in we can use some browsers else?

Hi @jzysony,

Try downloading Chromium from here it’s the platform that actually powers Chrome. I did a quick search and found people saying you can download and use this in China. Hope that helps. If not… I’d try downloading Chrome using a VPN.

What browser Do You using? is it IE?

He’s using Safari for Windows. Which is super super old/outdated afik.

I’ll try Chromium.hope it will be helpful.Thank you Austin.

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Let me know if it works out @jzysony :slight_smile:

it doesn’t work even I tried many websites.just blank.nothing happened.I think i should buy a Macbook:joy:a little expensive

@jzysony I think you might be able to get it working through a VPN so you have access to one?

we can’t download any VPN from China cause it’s blocked.
Finally i can loading my project from my ipad mini.But,I got a new problem.i’ll try to connect my iPad mini to the television to check if it work

@jzysony I wouldn’t recommend using an iPad. If I can host a version of chrome somewhere for you… can you download?

Let me do some thinking tonight and see what potential solutions I can come up with.

Are you able to use Firefox? It’s not fully supported but Webflow has been testing it.

What type of computer are you using and what OS?

I’ll do everything in my power to help you get access to Webflow in China :slight_smile:

My PC is Dell desktop and the OS is windows.
I can download some old version chrome from website in China but they didn’t work.may be it’s blocked like Google.
I think I have tried firefox before.Anyway I decided to try it again by your comments.
Thank you Austin!

If you change the screen size of your iPad it may work.

I have a chrome book connected with my TV, and after change the screen size, I was able to navigate in the Webflow’s Design view.

I’ll try this.Thank you mburgos

I downloaded the newest version of Firefox.but I can’t access any website with it:joy:very strange:rofl:

As Chinese, I am pretty sure you can use Chrome in China. If Chrome doesn’t work, use a VPN then.

This may be a deeper issue with your computer configuration. Because those both out of the box should be able to navigate the web.

I loaded my project at last with 32bit Firefox last night.Thank you Austin,it’s very kind of you

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