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Project - Unicorn Factory

Hey, I thought I would share a project I have been dabbling away at for a while.

What is it?
It is an online directory for people in the Wellington tech/startup scene, where you can get in touch with people that you want to either 1) hire for short-term work, 2) collaborate with on projects or 3) connect with to ask for advice/network.

Where the idea came from?
The idea for this was partially inspired by the community facewall of our coworking space and Webflow experts. I wanted to make it easier for people within our community to connect with each other.

What does it do?
Everyone who creates a profile gets access to our Slack channel. Whenever someone messages them via their profile they receive a direct message via a bot set up with Zapier.

How did I build it?
I created a few collections in the Webflow CMS, automated some of the workflows through Mailchimp and Zapier.

Thanks to the Webflow team for building such an awesome product. Two and a half years ago there was no shot on earth I would have built a website of any kind, now I can make websites that people pay me for, and I kind build stuff like this on the side.


Oh, AND… I just added a User Membership section: where people can login and change their profile


Great work, looks awesome.

Greetings from a fellow Wellingtonian. :wave:

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Awesome - so are you using Slack for the profile login/editing? Can you expand a little on how you’ve done it - user logins on Webflow sites are a big wishlist request!!


Oh yeah! Nice. We should catch up. :smiley:

No, it’s custom Javascript. You can’t do it through Zapier because Webflow only allows you to add new items, not update anything.

This looks really awesome @finlayconn !! :heart_eyes:

Good job on the site and the idea - it sounds and looks like there are some exciting things happening in the Wellington Tech scene! Very cool of you to have done this and to give more visibility to your little creative ecosystem - it’s really great to be able to have an insight into it even from the other side of the planet :rocket:

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Hi Connor - great work on the website!

Since our phone call where I heard about your user login system I was inspired to give this a go myself. I spun up a test site and got a full account creation, log in and profile update system working using Firebase.

I would be really interested in hearing more about how you went about achieving this functionality.