Project Tracking by Searching with unique code

Hi All! I have a client that is asking to design a company profile using WF. They are an upcoming construction company. They asked me to add a feature of some kind a project tracker that is expected to help their clients to track construction projects.

I have done my research and I see one solution which is to use Memberstack integration. I saw one video that you can generate a unique dashboard for each user that already signed up. But I think there is a simpler solution which is to generate a unique code for each project then the user can input the code to display the status on the website. this is a simpler solution since the user doesn’t need to log in.

Is this possible to do it on WF? Let me know if more explanation is needed.


  • You have zero concerns about privacy or security
  • The project tracking is simple enough to be done with the CMS

Then you can just create the projects in the CMS, and hand out the URLs to your clients.

If you want a bit more obscurity then you can;

  • Avoid any links to those project pages, and any collection lists on your site bound to the Projects collection.
  • Disable auto-generated sitemaps, and write your own
  • Pick difficult to guess slugs like UUIDs, e.g. 50ce6be7-8b4d-49a5-9427-2a01c39f07fd

Those urls would be quite difficult to guess.

I did the math once. If you took a hard drive and filled it with UUIDs, it would take a lot of hard drives to contain every possible UUID. You’d cover the surface of the Earth entirely, and the stacks of hard drives would extend twice as far as the moon.

But that still doesn’t count as security.

Welcome @rayyanadwiarto :wave:

You did a good job describing what you want :smile:

Yes you can do this by simply using the Webflow CMS and giving each “item slug” a good name.

Checkout out “solution #3” here:

And then checkout this post that shows you how to automate it all through Make (Integromat):

These are fairly common approaches and you should be able to hook it all up if it meets your needs :+1:

After that, you can start to get a bit more advanced and put a form on your page that accepts the “access code”.

Submit it to Make (Integromat), lookup the correct page, and then redirect the user to it.

Something like Lookup Tables could help here.

Here’s a good screencast walking through how to setup web browser redirects using Make (Integromat).

With this approach, you can keep it very simple or get as advanced as you want.