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Project duplicate loads slower than original


I transferred a duplicate of the original project to my client and it loads much slower than the original. Why is that? I gave him the duplicate because webflow advised me to do it and he has already payed for webflow hosting. What should I do, give him the original?
I have attached the read only of the duplicate and you can compare the sites here:


Duplicate with custom domain:

If you go to the “Ablakok” or “Ajtók” menu on both sites you will see the interactions loads slower on the duplicate.

Please help me with this

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Thanks for reaching out to the forum! :smile:

This is strange when it comes to the load speeds. A couple more troubleshooting questions I am interested about:

  • Is it the same loading difference when the sites are viewed through a private browser/cache is cleared?

  • Are the sites being uploaded from the same browser (updated version, etc)?

Let me know, and I would be more than happy to continue sorting this out. I have also asked my team for more info around this in order to fully understand what could be going on here.

I like forward to hearing back from you.

My best,

Hey @redcookiebox!

I wanted to follow up and bring to your attention with some information a teammate of mine discovered:

On the original, a javascript call is being blocked because it isn’t a domain that’s allowed. On the live site, they have to wait for an external script and service to load. That could be the difference.

Would it be possible for you to temporarily remove the script on the live site to see if that makes any difference on the load time?

All my best,

Hi, Riley

It was the script. It’s actually a cookie alert from Cookiebot. I didn’t know it slows the website this much. Do you have any idea what I could do to keep my website GDPR compliant, any other service or method that doesn’t slow the website?

Kind regards,

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