Project content not posting to live page

I add elements to my project pages and they do not get shown on the project page. E.g. I’ve added a landscape image to my messi x bitget project and I cannot see it when I view the page

Hey Angus! :wave:

Any chance you could share a link to your live site as well? Both the staging domain and custom domain (if you have one) would be great! That will allow us to check what is showing on the live site from our end.

In the mean time, I would also recommend trying these steps:

  1. Republish your project

  2. Visit the site and check if it worked

  3. If not, hard refresh our Browser while the page is open. Check if it worked

  4. If not, visit the site via a private Browsing method (such as Incognito mode in Chrome) and check if it shows there.

Either way, if you can chuck us a link to your live site we can cross-check what is showing :male_detective:


heres the link to the live site: Messi X Bitget for | A Bladesman case study