Project Connect: Streamlining Subcontractor Selection in Industrial Electronics

Hello, as a project manager in the industrial electronics sector, I often encounter difficulties in finding subcontractors for each new project. Therefore, I need a platform that centralizes information about companies that could meet my requirements.

This platform should include a database of companies, each listed with their name, logo, SIRET number, location, areas of expertise (such as automation, monitoring, piping, electricity, water, air, HVAC, steel, etc.), and contact information for each project.

The idea is to be able to express the specific needs of each project on the platform and then select potential companies based on their areas of expertise. Afterward, I would like to send requests to these companies without them having access to the information of other companies contacted.

Initially, I have a few contacts, but eventually, I would like companies to input their information without access to other companies’ data.

Once my request is sent, I need to receive responses via email with quotes. Simultaneously, companies should fill out a form on the platform, generating a summary table for each project. This table will include the names of the companies, their logos, their availability for the project, the expected duration, cost estimates, similar projects completed, and verifiable references.

Lastly, I would like this platform to be usable by my colleagues who are also project managers. Each of them should have access to the company database to find those that match their specific needs based on their respective areas of expertise.

Do you think it’s possible to build this solution on Webflow?