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Hey webflowers! I felt inspired to share my delight with regard to the latest release of - the wiki, notes, project app. Notion 2 hit my radar a few weeks ago when it released database / relationship functionality with tables, boards, calendars. Up until that it was just another disjointed notes app to me.

I do a bit of consulting implementing team workspaces and have worked with a lot of tools. I don’t like single purpose project apps. I like CRM, project, anything platforms. As a collaborative website planning and development workspace… this is it for me! (we are in the honeymoon phase )

What I love about Notion:

  • Full functional offline ioS/ mac app / android coming.
  • Flexible page based content that can be simple as text or included nested tables, Kanban, calendars and any other content.
  • Rows in tables, items in kanban or calendar are pages as well.
  • Sharing - share a page in a workspace with a client to plan / write content - no email or g docs
  • Pricing is good and includes unlimited guests and members which is perfect for freelancers who can be collaborating with many clients.
  • Share a page public as wiki. Even gets indexed by search engines.
  • Light weight - content feels connected yet a nimble as a document.
  • Mind bendingly capable of building relational project content - you could get out of control in the depth of structure.
  • Yet less database and more content / page like than airtable allowing you to effectively build better views and explanation of page content.
    *Airtable is better for pure data needs. Notion does not have roll up fields, blocks and some other features yet.

Is anyone else using it?

Redownloaded Notion when v2 came out. Love the thought of this app, but have yet to get hooked. Are you using it to spec out page content with a client prior to building a site?

Like the blocks added to Airtable, but it’s still overpriced for me.

What I’d like to see next for notion is Zapier integration. That might be another tipping point for it. Love the story of the app devs and your post encourages me to find more time to play with Notion 2 some more.

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I forgot to mention it has no api. It would have to be on their radar.

Airtable blocks completely missed the mark for me - a lot of interesting blocks, but only one block space per base doesn’t make sense. It’s hard to build workspaces that make sense to occasional users. I still love airtable all the same. They are flush with cash now so let’s see.

I am using notion for project discovery/ evaluation, content planning right through to writing content, checking page level design tasks. Early days. I might share my setup when it matures a bit.

Notion team is really developing hard and fast. Quite amazing.

Sounds like you’re really testing it extensively in your workflow. Would love for you to share more once your setup has “matured”.

Works for me on 11.4. Ask Notion or reinstall.