Project Buy and Bring

Buy and Bring Project

This is a no-code / low-code project for a food marketplace web app on Webflow it is

What I’ve Created

  • The website on webflow - very much in progress still!
  • The signup and login flow using Memberstack integration
  • After a user logs into their profile, they have a new CMS page specific to their profile created
  • If you follow that Youtube video and the one right after where it sets up the Airtable database - this is EXACTLY how I did it. I have used my webflow webhook and airtable api and I have no knowledge in this space, I’m learning it and teaching myself it right now.
  • I have setup airtable as my database for now, all my users have their info they provided during sign up there and I have created a very basic 3 step order form as well with the Webflow CMS and whenever a user creates an order it gets recorded in my Airtable database with the respective user’s email / name - that’s all I’ve created up to this point.

What I’m Looking For Help on Creating & Automating:

  • Setting up a database (whether that be in airtable as I’ve started creating the first part of or absolutely any solution that’s low-code or no-code - this includes no-code database solutions like Backendless and Xano, we are not looking to create this off a SQL database)
  • The database must retrieve the following data points in addition to the user registration info which I have started to create already in airtable as mentioned above
    • User registration info (already made)
    • User order details sent automatically to airtable database in real-time (already made)
    • Pricing for delivery is based on zip codes, i.e. we have 5 restaurants in the Silicon Valley we are delivering from… we need every user when they register to provide us with their zip code and that will determine the checkout price. (I have personal access to a fleet of on-demand delivery drivers and that is already something I have a solution for don’t worry)
    • Users that provide a certain zip code only see a select number of different restaurants, of which those restaurants are (through a basic if statement) filtered to the ones that fit the zip code range that the user provided us with… the user will not see all the restaurants only the ones in their range
    • Perhaps use a solution like for retrieving user geolocation data automatically, but whenever we retrieve it it must get recorded as a new current location zip code on a new airtable record / row
    • Whenever a user creates an order it is labeled as “In Progress” even after they pay, then once the Admin confirms that the order is processed, then it turns to “Confirmed” and then once delivered the order is labeled “Delivered” and they can view all their historical orders
    • The order form is connected to the responsive CMS must have a search capability along with The order form is the most complex along with the dashboard CRUD functionalities - the order form must autocomplete the words based on a database of keywords I have around 1,000 and growing


I am paying $25/month for Integromat and have a Zapier account I am paying for the cheapest one - both of these tools can be used even if the solution is not deemed “scalable” I am willing to sacrifice scalability at this moment to just get this product to market ASAP - I can fix the scalability issues when we outgrow the platform and we will - we are fully aware of that. With that said, if there is a scalable solution I always will choose that over the less scalable solution. I am just saying this as a worse case scenario, we can always hack together something with Integromat which opens new doors of possibilities.

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Hi Sean,
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I can assist you with the project.
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Look forward for your response.

Maria J

Hi Sean,
If help still required, would be interested on coding some nocode with Xano or else… :laughing:
Just PM me,