Progress tracking course

Hi, has anyone had experience creating a resource that requires progress tracking? How can this be implemented?

I have to create a small course on webflow, I have already set up authorization, made pages, but one nuance remains.

My user path is arranged as follows: authorizes → gets to the first page with the lesson → the form with the submission of homework transfers to the next page “lesson 2” and so on according to the algorithm. I need that if the user restarts the page, he stays on the one he ended on.

I will be very grateful for your help

What membership platform are you using?
There are basically 3 approaches-

  • Store progress data on the system itself in localstorage. This is easy and efficient, but it can be wiped, you can’t see it remotely for reporting, and if the user is using more than one computer it likely won’t work ( except maybe in the same chrome profile perhaps ).
  • Store progress data in the membership system. Memberstack has a well-built facility for this. Webflow’s user accounts do not, BUT, with some programming, it’s possible to read-write custom user data.
  • Store progress data somewhere externally. Basically build a small API and a datastore. Call the API to get and set your data. Here your decisions depend on the performance and robustness you need, but they can be as simple as make .com against a Google sheet ( cheap, fragile, slow ), to something more robust- Xano serverless functions, or AWS.