Programatically changing a link in a button

Is there a way to programmatically change a link in a button? I have a thank you page with a button that allows users to download a trial package. I use a hashed link (using S3) and need to change this link periodically so that users don’t end up sharing the link to the package and using our software for free.

I tried to create a button as a CMS collection, but it doesn’t work (the button is not clickable on the thank you page). See here: Getting started guide to JointJS+.

Do you have any idea how to achieve this?

Why don’t you instead send a temporary link through email using zapier/make? at least you can validate if the email is valid or not

We do send an email too, but there are still cases where people don’t receive the email (or it lands in their spam folder). Plus we want to do real-time email validation at the time of submitting the form on the website. This is covered. I’m really interested in how to make the button/link dynamic.

Well, if you have a server that validates the email you can also create an api to generate a temporary link, fetch it from the server and modify the link with javascript.

Hey Marek,

Yes it’s easy to change that link with JS.

If it’s a standard button-link element, the CMS collection approach would work fine as well, and you could store either just the hash, or the full link, depending on what you want to do.

Thanks, Michael! :slight_smile: Let me talk to our devs about it.