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Program list items display 1 text block but not div block or paragraph

On a page that lists a schedule, I have lists that have text blocks, paragraphs and div blocks in them. However, when I preview the page, it only shows the text blocks; the paragraphs and div blocks are missing. How can I make the paragraphs and div blocks show up outside of the designer?

Note: I’m using a template, and this is my first time using webflow.

Here’s the link:



@farrahsuegal Can you please point us to the page and section that you are having this issue on please?

Of course! It’s the program page. The second section below the header–the part that shows the events on the schedule for Thursday and Friday.

@farrahsuegal Im looking into this. Can you link me to the template as well?

This is the template I’m using:

Ok @farrahsuegal It looks like the template is using some Legacy Interactions to show/hide the program information. When a user would click on the Event title it would then show the event details. If you remove these your information will stay visible.