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Profile username

Hey everyone,

I’m building a website that allows users to sign-up and create their own personalized profiles, using firebase.

I want the users to be able to sign up, build their profile, and share it with others.
I’ve already created the log-in/sign-up page, a form page that lets users fill out their information, as well as its alignment to the profile itself.

The problem is that if I’ve created a profile on MY account, and a friend of mine created his profile on HIS account, and we share it with each other - each one of us sees its own profile and not other people’s profile.

In other words, the profile people see is the one that is attached to the account that is logged in, not others. Because the domain is the same.

When I send my profile URL to someone, who’s created his own profile, it loads his profile’s data instead of mine, so that everyone can only see their own profile.

I think the solution may be to create a username for each profile so that the domain will be different. For example and

This is the only solution I could think of, but I don’t know how to implement it. Do you know how can I create a custom username for each profile? So that my users would be able to share their profiles with each other easily? Or do you have a better solution?

Thank you!

Hey I’m having the same problem, I followed @jasondark 's guide on YouTube and the logging-in is fine but when I create a profile (called ‘private’ at Jason’s guide) with a profile picture and data,
I cannot have a unique URL for the created user.

As seen on this wonderful guide we can see the URL ends with /private , the problem is when I send this URL so someone else to visit my profile, he instead enters to his own profile.
I guess we’re having the same issue.
Is there a way to create/generate a costume URL for any new member/user who registers to my web?
for example:
and then for the next user:
and so on.
please help us fix it…