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Hey guys,

Having an issue on my published site ( where the profile pic and Profile User Name isn’t aligned side by side right now there is a big gap between the name and pic

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I want it to look like this:

Screenshot 2023-04-30 at 11.33.15 AM

Abigail Tovar

thanks… I know CSS… just assumed using webflow there would be a solution thats “no code”

hi @Abigail_R_Tovar WF is nothing more than UI offering a “no-code” or more accurately “low-code” way to use your CSS knowledge.

  1. Aligning elements is one of the core basics of CSS
  2. text columns aren’t designed to align items. Their primary use is to split long text into several columns (like in newspaper)

I always like to take the approach of isolating these things once the design has reached a certain point, and things aren’t working the way I want.

It may be helpful for you to create a new page and design this element within it to rule out the rest of your layout. Once you nail it, you can copy / paste it into your main design and see if it still works or something else on the page is reacting with it.

That said, a few standouts to me:

To quickly test my thinking…

But spending a couple of minutes fiddling with it illustrates how to approach finding a solution that works best for you.

Here are a few quick videos to watch, they’ll be very helpful:

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