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Products with multiple variants

My project requires multiple SKUs for each product. Does anybody know how to achieve this?

As i understand it will come soon



Hey @BringTheRaine - variants is one of the last pieces we have left to finish before the general launch. We’ll be sure to let everyone know when it’s ready.

We’ll also be putting out a blog post soon that covers everything included in beta, what’s coming next, and how to get started. So keep an eye out for that too!


Is there any news on the eCommerce product variants. Thinking of using webflow for a customer clothing store but without variants its really a viable option. Any time line would of help! thanks!

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Me too - backlog of work for this is getting long. Full respect to Webflow for wanting to get this right. It our commercial planning that’s becoming problematic.

Look out for an update here soon! :eyes:

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I’m about to take on a project that is only possible with significant product variation - I need to say to the client this is possible otherwise I will have to pass.

How long, soon gives no indication whatsoever.

Soon as in: now! More info here: New feature: Sell multiple variants of the same product

Let us know what you think!