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Hi all, a question here about Products, Slugs, Collections, Filtering and SEO

I want to build a product website lets say: Headphones and Headsets, Mouses and Keyboards.
In the past i would place all my “Products” in only 1 Database.
But in Webflow i doubt… this is because why!

The perfect SEO slug should met with three slugs:
But i can’t because we only have a 2 slugs option in Webflow so i have to find another way!

  1. My first idea is simple
    We make a collection called headphones and fill in everything there…
    So it means, i have to make 20 collections for all kind of products.
    and you can’t show all products in one page right?!?! Thats a pitty! :pensive:

  2. Another solution is that i make one product database.
    And making a page with a Dynamic list: and show here all headphones
    Problem that is the SEO… it does not work 100% because when you click on a headphone
    the url will be same as above:
    also products is not a good SEO slug…

So in my opinion is for Webflow option 1 the best…
only thing is that i dont have the brand with a slug in the url.

Do i do this the right way?

Anyone other ideas? or samples?


As a rule of thumb I attempt to avoid unnecessary repetition in my URLs.

If I am a technology product company and I know that my users are very brand conscious I would try and get a domain related to tech and have a /brands/beats collection structure.

You would then use the meta title and description to make it even clearer that this page is about beats headphones.

You will also have customers who don’t care about brand but care about product categories. In this case headphones. I would make a collection called headphones and the structure would look like this /headphones/beats-by-dre-pro-infinite-black-dj

This is the collection where I would create all of my headphone products. I would then reference the brands collection.

I would then go further and create static pages called headphones and brands the link goes to a useful page.

I wouldn’t recommend showing all of your products on one page even if it was possible. That gets really overwhelming really fast.

Hope that gives you something to think about. :slightly_smiling:

Thanks for sharing your ideas alex! this makes sense!

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