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Products rating

Is there a way to rate products and insert comments in the ecommerce? Otherwise, is Webflow team thinking about developing this feature?

Hey @Othon_Guilherme_Bera

It is possible to create your own comments/rating system by sending form data to zapier when then sends it back Webflow as a cms item. Then use a reference field to connect the comment cms collection and a product cms item. Add a collection list of comments to the products template page with a condition to only show comments for the current product. The only bottleneck is manually applying a product to a comment because Zapier can’t connect data to reference fields.

Another option would be to use a 3rd party system like Disqus, but the Zapier option would allow for “approval” before comments are live on the site.

You can request this feature on the ecommerce wishlist, but I think that a user registration system would be necessary for Webflow to implement and a comments/ratings system would be a possible byproduct of that.

Lots of ecommerce possibilities will open up once the Zapier integration is implemented.