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Products dropping out of our cart?

Hi guys.
New to webflow. We have used your Quadra template to help our local farmers market to go online with Co-vid19. It has all gone well, but we have a tiny glitch. We want to buy a box then add on extra like chocolate after our box is in our cart. So we duplicate product template creating a field called layout one and two.

Would this be the problem ?
The first time you go to buy the box and add-on extras - The box drops out of our cart. The second time you try it works perfectly.

Anyone have any idea why?

I’m not sure about your specific situation but I’d reach out to the template creator here (you can find the link I included on the Webflow template page here) and see if they have any additional suggestions.

If you’re still having problems after reaching out to them (or you think the problem is out of the scope of their support), please provide us with a read-only link and either I or someone else in the community would be happy to take a look at the issue.

Thank you we got it sorted we had one of the links broken.