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Products Attributes Randomly Disappearing


I am creating a product page template and made an accordion to get all details for the products in there. In my div called “accordion-body”, I have created a grid where I added text fields for width, length and height of my products. Then on the second column of the grid, I added text fields again populated from my products data, but the element called “why?” on my page is always moving up to the top of the page, becoming invisible. I tried moving it into another div or container: it disappears anyway. I also tried populating some other fields of the products data and other ones do work, like product name, categories etc. Just not the ones I need (but that’s what makes it fun, right?

Any idea why this is going on and how to fix it? Thanks a lot!

[Here is my site Read-Only](

Update: As I was working on that same page, my description field was working properly until the site crashed and that element just moved as the “why?” one out of nowhere :flushed:

Hey @loranosaurusrex! Welcome to the forum. :wave:

I responded to your Customer Support Request too, posting here too. :slight_smile:

It appears that those fields aren’t displaying when you set them dynamically because they do not have a value. If you go to your product you will see that you have several variants available. When you first set up your product you probably added in the measurements, but when you create variant options, those original measurements would have only been applied to your initial variant. You will need to go into each variant and set the appropriate fields. This should resolve things for you.


I believe the value that will show in the Designer is the default variant. Once you set that one you should be able to test.

Give that a try and let me know if it starts to work as expected.

Hey Drew,

You are absolutely right! I hadn’t added that data to all products, so i went ahead and completed those steps for all of them and it’s all good now!

Thanks a lot

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