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Productpage, multiple description problem

i am currently building my first website with webflow. It’s a lot of fun, but sometimes also a lot of trouble.
The whole time I thought that the most difficult part would be the animations. But now it turns out that the most difficult part are the product pages.
As you can see, the product page for peace looks good and the content is right. But how do I get the same for the other two products?
We only have 3 products so I would like to make a separate page for each product. But I cannot duplicate the product template page. Is there any way around this? Or how can I make sure that the pictograms are appropriate for the right product. As well as the text below and the ingredients?

Here is the link:

After that I have to upload the template in shopify via udesly. So far this works quite well, but the product page still causes problems.

thanks a lot