Product template CMS page not showing photos on desktop an tablet, what to do?

I have issues with one template page for products that I designed. I’m using some custom code for varies pages on this site. On this particular product page, I’m only using some custom code for the splide carrousel (using it on many websites, never any problems) and a footer code, which is bound to the whole site for 2 particular collection pages, but it shouldn’t interfere with the other code.

I’m giving you the photos of how it should look on desktop.

I don’t understand how it is not showing the photos … on desktop and tablet …

The mobile version is working properly … I’m really frustrated, cause at first everything worked properly now the images aren’t showing … Reealllyy thanks a lot for your help guys, means a lot!!

Here is my site Read-Only: **[[LINK]]

Is anybody out there?? Really need a sollution to my problem, images still not showing on desktop and mobile, I’m really frustrated guys, going through the designer, google console, not understanding the issue … Please Help!! Thank a lot!

Figured out that the problem is with the splide code … When taken away the images show on desktop. Any ideas on how to solve it?

As I understand I could solve my problem by not having the footer code activated on this particular page … How could I do it? Didn’t find a thread about it … Feels lonely talking to myself … :sob::joy:

Hi Maher,

I had a look through your website in Webflow designer, but I couldn’t solve the issue - mainly as this is beyond my level of experience. Hope you find a solution!

Trevor really thank you! I thought there isn’t any easy sollution :thinking: At this I’m really happy that at least 1 person responded!! Thank you that you took time to look at site, really appreciate it! Hope we will find this one genius to solve this problem :slightly_smiling_face: Have a nice day, best regards Maher

Solved my issue, the problem wasn’t the code and any clashes with it. But everything was under a overflow for the whole page, which messed up the code for the splide slider!! Don’t use overflow and don’t put layers under 1, if using splide slider! Hope helps somebody, if he expiriences the same issue :raised_hands: Thanks to all who responded to my questions.

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