(Product review) Monto.io product review font color change

Hello, I’ve recently added product reviews to my product page using monto.io. My product page backgorund is black and I can’t seem to change the font color of the review text. Any fixes

Hey there @Michael_Stewart! Excited to have you using Monto :slight_smile:

There are three ways you can customize your Monto implementation. For text color, I’d go with #3.

1. The Monto customize page.
Login and head to your customize page and you’ll see a variety of color and functionality customization options. This is where you can accomplish most users can make all the customizations they need.

2. Custom CSS
Also on the customize page you can add custom CSS to any element in the Monto widgets. This is usually best for hiding certain elements (adding display:none to an element, but is also used for spacing and things like that.

3. Applying styles onto the Monto embed from within the Webflow editor
Regarding font and text color, it’s usually best to do this from within Webflow itself by applying a style to the entire embed. This can also be accomplished with method #2, but we recommend doing it across the entire embed as it’s easier.

Please reach out any time at help@monto.io if there’s any particular customization you’re looking to pull off!