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/product - Permalink is incorrect (should be plural)

I noticed that the Collection URL /product was singular.

Shouldn’t that be plural…? All my other Collection URLs are plural and it’s a standard best practice to use plural URL params for collections.

I’m not sure why it would be /product/:product_name

Ideally it should be /products/:product_name

Even rails would say otherwise:

Thoughts @kkilat ?


Would like to add that like with the other collections it would be good if it could be possible to alter it.

You should be able to change your url and slug. That is an option now. Unless you are referring to something else?

This is what I mean:


Ah I see now. That could be released with the full release, just not available in Beta.

Yeah, currently you cannot update the slugs for the Ecommerce collections in the same way as standard CMS collections.

That is something we intend to make possible in the near future though!


Any update on this, @kkilat?

Hi @kkilat , @WebDev_Brandon , I’m also looking forward to customize /product/ part of the URL to something else. Any updates when this is coming?