Product Option, Multi Reference Field, Display "Current" Item


I have a product page that displays ‘cross-sell’ products in a cyan-colored section called ‘Välj Tillbehör’ on the right, in this case a chair that displays chair covers with different colors. This section is populated in the product CMS-item with a multi reference field.

Additionally, I’ve created a ‘quick view’ modal that opens upon clicking a link (‘Läs Mer’) placed under each product. This link, represented by an eye icon, functions as a ‘Read more’ option in Swedish.

I aim to populate the ‘current item’ in the popup modal. Presently, the chair product showcases three chair covers of different colors (white, grey, and black). However, upon clicking the ‘Read more’ button, it consistently displays the black chair cover.

How can I ensure the correct cross-sell item is populated in the modal?

Thank you.

Screenshot 2024-01-01 at 20.14.32

Link: Webflow - Qwinsta)

I will try one more time. I hope this explanation makes more sense.

On a CMS page (X), I have a CMS field with two items(Y and Z).
Within these item fields, I have a button that opens a modal.
This modal displays information from the product (Multi-reference field).
Currently, it’s opening and displaying info in the modal from Z even if I press the modal button within the Y CMS field.

Think of it as a “quick view” function on an e-commerce page. Instead of opening a new page, it’s displaying a modal.