Product Column Selecting Item in Row Below

I’m having a problem in the shop page of my website where when you click the item (unless it’s the very top of the image), the page of the item below the intended is opened. Here’s my link:

Hi Daniel,

Can you rephrase your problem? Maybe a screen video capture?

Sorry, having problem with the .gif

Here’s a more specific example on the shop page (Shop) in the LEATHER section.

If you click on the image for the top left product (column 1, row 1 “emory-natural”), it will open the page for that specific item but ONLY if you click on the top half of the image. If the bottom half of the image is clicked or even the product name, the product page for the item in the row below (column 1, row 2 “sol-natural”.

OK, understood

Seems to me like kind of external plugin conflict. Maybe Ecwid?

Hmm. Interesting. I’ll have to take a look there.