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Problems with YouTube-videos not loading properly

I have made a section on my site, where a button shows and hides my videos (currently 4) from YouTube. Randomly the videos turn grey (like my attached screenshot) and I cannot seem to figure what is causing the issue? When this happenss my videos are not appearing when I press the button I have created. Can anyone help me out?


All seems to be loading and playing fine to me on Chrome v64. Probably a conflict with one of your extensions?

Hmm… That is weird. I do not have any extentions installed? It both happens on my pc and mac, but only occasionally.

It still happens after publishing it:

Hi @Duen

Thanks for posting. I took a look at your site and tried rebuilding the interaction slightly. Instead of targeting the videos themselves, I targeted the DIVVIDEO container they are nested in, but kept the exact same structure of the animation:

It looks like this made the interaction work as expected – can you please test this on your end?

Thanks in advance!

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