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Problems with Webflow plans for my client

Hi. I got a client and he has some pages to multiple products/services he sells. He asked me to work on a landing page to a site he already had designed in Wordpress, with an awful plugin. The workflow was terrible and I barely finished the project.
Now he wants me to do the same in another page. I wish I could use Webflow, but this pricing policies are a pain in the arm.
Since his site is designed on Wordpress and online, with a hosting plan, he doesn’t want to pay extra minimum $32 to have his new page. Since he is going to have a lot of traffic and form submissions.
There’s the Wordpress plugin, but the Webflow Branding is unacceptable to him.

Is there anyway to use the Wordpress plugin without the Branding and with no paid site or account plan?
Or is there any way to use at least the free account plan and the cms site plan, without the Branding?

No there is not. Your client is running a business and so is Webflow. Visit the TOS for details.

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The Account plan mainly gives you extra features specific the Webflow dashboard (outside of code export and expanded staging site features)—as soon as you pay for a Site plan you can omit the Webflow bug that appears in the lower right of the screen. Are you talking about the Webflow branding in the Editor?