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Problems with Typography in styling and fonts' upload

I cannot see Caps options in Typography styling, thus cannot use the option. Here is the screenshot.

Plus I cannot load my custom fonts such as Gill sans and much more.

1/ Click on Advanced to switch it on (on the right of Typography panel title)

2/ How are you trying to load your custom font? There’s a Google font very close to it, it’s Lato.

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Thank you for the tip, now I can use the caps:)

About uploading the custom fonts; I went to the dashboard/ fonts, and in the ‘custom fonts’ part, I clicked uploads and tried to upload the font from my computer. Is there another way for it?
By the way, thank you for the alternative font suggestion but I would prefer Gill Sans.

What file(s) did you try to upload? (Name.extension)

All my fonts files have ‘ttc’ or ‘ttf’ extentions. Gill Sans fonts have both these extensions. I hope this information will help.

I suggest using this tool to convert your fonts to web versions.

Upload all 4 versions for cross browser compatibility.

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Dfink provides a technical solution for getting web versions of your font.

HOWEVER Gill Sans isn’t a free font and you’re not allowed to do so. It’s registered by Monotype and you can be in trouble using the font without a licence. The same way, you can put your client in trouble too.

The other thing is web version obtained by converting non web fonts aren’t at all optimized for web use. It’s always better to licence web versions directly.

Among all fonts, Gill Sans is a quite expensive one. Prices for one weight and 250,000 pageviews max for one year is around $40. Full desktop version is around $650.

So it’s always better to settle for a font you’ve got the right to use. I’ve proposed Lato on Google fonts, you also have Cabin