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Problems with the Sitemap (SEO, Google Ranking etc.)

Hey there,

so i ve got one question - i’m working with the Seo-Tool (Mid Price Range SEO Tool)

My problem is: I’m getting a lot of Content Errors (Missing Title, Missing descritpion etc) when I’m using the automatic generated Sitemap via Webflow.

I ve attached the Report as a jpeg


I think it’s important that also the Sitemap is formatted in the right way to get better google rankings - do you have any advise what i should do?

Thanks in advance & Greets from Austria

I would start with getting familiar with the Sitemap protocol.

Then look at the one autogenerated on your site. If you wish to manually change it you can add additional tags allowed in the spec, by downloading it and editing it manually, the uploading it. Of course if you do that, you would need to update it manually, if you add new content.

Truth is that google does crawl sites without them. They can help when you have lots content being published regularly. An entry does not mean google will rank a page.

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Thank you for this Information!