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Problems with the formblock!

I have Problems with the formblock. When somebody write a message, it shows up very strange in the e-mail to the owner of the website. The text is correct set up in the form block text settings.png, - but Webflow does not allow us to use “ð”, “á” and “í” which we use in our country, and therefore Webflow show them up as an empty space. And it looks very strange (see here bod_fra_heimasidini.png , which I have underline, should be: "boð frá heimasíðuni, - but webflow formblock does it to : “Bo Fr Heimas Uni:” = which is totally wrong?? - it should have been “boð frá heimasíðuni” ) when we receive an email from the website. Can’t Webflow do something with this ??

So I can’t get answer here??
I have been waiting several days? So where can I ask, as nobody answer at the forum?

@neanea6060 ~ Hello. Sorry you didn’t get a response sooner. I would contact Webflow support. That definitely would be a problem.