Problems With The 21 Day Design Tutorial

I’m currently working on the 21 day design tutorial, and here’s my problem:

  • The Project Description Rich Text Block isn’t aligning correctly in three of the breakpoint pages (for the Project Templates pages). The breakpoints that are affected are (1) Tablet, (2) Mobile Landscape, and (3) Mobile Portrait. If someone can look over what I have so far and assist, that would be great!

Hi @DesignsByDerrick!

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Is it possibly because the ‘Project side by side’ element isn’t nested inside the container?

I hope it’s that simple, if not please let me know!


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I’ll give this a shot, hopefully it will work.


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@mww So it looks like the suggestion worked :smile: I’m going through the rest and making sure the page formatting lines up. Thanks for the look over! Hopefully we can work together in the future!

  • Derrick
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