Problems with text in tablet view

Hi everyone,
I could use some help with a problem I just can’t seem to fix. When I look at the tablet view for my home page, the text appears behind the image and links but in all other views it is in front. It is also in front and looks fine when I adjust my browser on my PC to look at that size and in the designer previews. So this is only happening on my iPads. I am including two screen shots, one of how it looks in landscape tablet, and one for how it looks in portrait tablet layout (which is where the problem lies). See also my link to access my design below.

Thanks in advance for any tips on what is going on here! I’ve been struggling with this for months now without being able to find a fix.

EDIT: I also want to add that in portrait mode, the webside layout is supposed to flip to be vertical rather than horizontal. This is one reason why it looks different than the landscape view. It worked just fine on mobile phones to do this, so I’m baffled.

Here is my site Read-Only:
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I like the view.
The link doesn’t seem to work so I can not look at the design.
Also have you tried other browsers_

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Thank you for responding! The link worked fine for me just now when I pasted it into a Chrome incognito tab. So I’m unsure why it wouldn’t work otherwise.

I have tried this on other browsers from my iPad. Both Chrome and Safari produce the same strange result.

How strange, the original link by clicking did not work, but as you say copy paste does. Not had that before.
Can you post the publish link or PM it to me if sensitive so I can look at your code and what the Web Dev tools is saying.
I can also see what is happening on windows and edge.
Got a lot on but I will look at it probably when encoding some video work I have done for a customer.

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Thanks again! I am not sure how to do a PM on this forum (I’m new here) but I will send via your website link in your profile :slight_smile:

For me, if I click your name in bold text it give me the option to message you.
Not sure if that works for you.
And by all means, sure use my website form to contact me.

Just in case another person ever runs into this problem, iDATUS was able to help me solve this by suggesting that I swap out the container I was using to wrap the hero section with a regular div block. This did the trick!

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