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Problems with Responsive Nav Menu

Hello Webflow community, I’m working on my company’s first site and came across a problem with the nav menu. In the beginning, it worked perfectly. But now I can’t figure out what’s causing it to get messed up.

This is what happens on the live website:

It looks okay in the designer though:

It seems the menu itself is underneath the next section, but in reality it’s above everything. I tried changing the z-index but the problem persists. Is there a way to fix this without redoing it all over again?

Here’s what the position settings look like in the designer:

Thanks for your time.

Hi @Mercadeo_BPBD. Could you please send share link of the project? Then we can jump in and see inside (

Eve Kayser

Sure thing, thanks for the quick reply!

Here is the link: share link.

Thanks @Mercadeo_BPBD!

I think it is happening because of this interaction:

When it loads, it appears in front of the navmenu.

I think you can solve this issue adding a higher z-index:

Please let me know if that works,

Eve Kayser

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Worked like a charm! Thank you so much, Eve Kayser!
Have an excellent day!

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Cool! Really glad to help!

Have a nice day too :wink: