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Problems with receiving forms submissions


For a couple of days, I’m not receiving form submissions on my e-mail.
Here is the link on my website.

I got CMS hosting plan and received only 12/1000 form submissions this month. I can see these submissions in my site settings, but not on my e-mail. Earlier there were no problems with these, but for two days in a row, there are no messages since the submissions were received.

What may be the problem? I haven’t changed form’s submission settings for 5 or 6 months or even more.

You’ve checked your email’s spam folder?

Hi @Anastasia_N,

Thank you so much for posting about the form email notifications not getting received.

As a first step, I have gone ahead and whitelisted the email address on our end, to make sure that it did not get stuck due to some mail server/email delivery issue.

I would recommend to send a new submission and check whether or not those are received.

If you’ve not already, you can also try whitelisting the email address on your email accounts, where you’re not receiving the form submission emails and then perform a test again - here is an useful article about how to whitelist an email address on your account:

If the issue still persists, please let me know - I’m happy to assist further.

Thank you! Now it is working.

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Hi Nita, I’m having the same problem in my website, and it started around the same time, its being about 20 days without being able to receive notifications.

The URL is

Could you help me solve the problem?

Thank you

Hi Ricardo,

I forced a whitelist for the email address used for the site forms.
Can you please test a new form submission and let me know if you receive it?

I’d also recommend that you’d use a personal email instead of a generic email (such as info@), since these tend to experience server blocking issues more often.

Hope this helps!

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