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Problems with Menu

Hi Everyone,

I have posted in the past about this template, but have had to take a break from it for quite some time. I finally can tackle this and need some help and guidance with a few things…

I have a couple questions but would like to start with the Menu

Menu on Desktop and other viewing:
I have had all kinds of trouble with the menu for some time and made all kinds of adjustments to the menu which holds the “A Cut Ahead” logo, and links “about”, “team”, “services”, and “contact,” which I realize reflect how the menu is viewed on the rest of the viewing modes.

On the mobile menu, I rearranged the links to read as “about, team, services, contact” because they were listed backwards prior but after I rearranged the menu it showed backwards on the desktop viewing to start with “contact, services, etc…”

Not sure how to make the Menu mobile optimized for the logo and links to fit and work accordingly on Tablet, Landscape Viewing, Portrait Viewing

Thank you very much!!

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