Problems with layout on older iPhone devices. Halp


My client keeps coming back to me saying the download buttons on the site don’t look right on his mobile. He’s using an iPhone 7 and Safari.

I have gone on to BrowserStack to try and test this however only the iPhone 6S is available for free testing. Still, this looks really bad (see attached screenshot)

Is this to do with how I have built the download buttons section, or something else?

I would really appreciate someone taking a look at my preview link as client is starting to get a little impatient.


Here is my site Read-Only:

Live site:

Screenshots from client attached.

Hello @Reece_Gunningham,

can you just tell your client to get a new phone? haha just kidding. I tested your site on an iPhone xr and 7 plus and it worked fine there, I mean these phones have very long or/and wide screens. So that tells me that there is nothing wrong with the browser versions, so my advice would be to change your download container height from 470 px to some kind of percentage or maybe even go to 600 px or auto? try any of those things and ask your client if that made a difference. I hope this helps.

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