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Problems with Japanese Font (Browser Display)

I created a website for a client that has pages in English and Japanese. The Japanese font is from Adobe Typekit. The client’s view of some Japanese fonts displays differently on her computer but not on her smartphone. There is no problem when viewing on my Mac using Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Here is an excerpt from her post with me:

“If I open PAPTAKE site on Chrome (on my husband’s and my computer) the issue is present. But when I used Firefox on my husband’s computer, no problem! I don’t have Firefox on my computer, but I have Internet Explorer, and the issue is there. It’s interesting because I use Chrome on my phone, and as we know, I don’t have any problem…”

The website with this problem is here.

The images below show what I am talking about. The top image is what my client see’s on her computer and the image below is how I see the font, correctly displayed. The characters highlighted in yellow are where the problems are; they appear thinner and more Chinese-like than the other characters.

I appreciate any help.

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