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Problems with Grid: I don't get the height to be OK in Iphone landscape and protrait. Can anyone help?

I have problems with this Instagram feed which is done with Grid: I don’t get the height to be OK in Iphone landscape and portrait. Can anyone help?
I have tried to watch some videos regarding Grid, - but this doesn’t breakpoints doesn’t work for me.
The problem is that the height is not OK. You don’t see all the picture, - a piece the photo is cut off at the top of the photo. That’s not how it should be in Iphone breakpoints. You have to see the whole photo as in destop breakpoint.

Thank you very much for help

Can somebody here in the forum be so sweet to answer my question. I don’t know anything about Grid I always working with Flex, but have watched some Webflow-videos about Grid on the subject - but can’t find my problem. Thank you very much!
I look forward to hearing from you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It doesn’t show anything :wink:

It might be related to this dude…

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oh? That is not good :disappointed_relieved:
You have to send an e-mail to Webflow about this

It works here:
Maybe your internet is too slow?
Try to wait a moment?


My internet is OK - 4 minutes and nothing is loading…

It works here , see my video 1 minutes ago:

By the way , here is a movie of my problem

something wrong with the Iphone breakpoint? or?

  • so no help to get here in the forum?