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Problems with fixed BG on mobile

Hello guys!

I’m working on this page and I started to fix the mobile versions but there is no way to the fixed bg into sections works on mobile.

And I think this problem is creating some others like this white gaps without image between the sections.

I already tryed some old forum suggestions but none of them fixed this specific issue :confused:

Here’s my shared link

Tks for any help :wink:

So, it looks I’m the only user with this bug :frowning:

WebflowAwesomeDevs, any help here?
Tks again

Hi @maximus :smile:

This is a known issue throughout all mobile devices. Mobile browsers no longer support fixed backgrounds due to the memory usage it takes to render it. So, going forward, just disable that background style on mobile.

hope this helps :slight_smile:

Ohhh! What a shame :frowning:
I didn’t know about that, I’m so sorry.

Yeah, I’m going to think another solution.
Thank you so much @PixelGeek !

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