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Problems with custom meganav / animations

Hello everybody!

I have some issues with my Navigation. I am using animations to create a mega-nav. If you hover the “leistungen”-nav-element a big menu with different pictures/links opens up.

I ran into a few problems and hope someone can help me :frowning:


  • If the page is NOT scrolled yet and i hover “leistungen” - and then hover OUT the nav-background stays grey (cant find the reason).
  • If i hover “leistungen” and then move the cursor in direction of one of the left images or right images, the meganav dissappears (because i hover out of the link that triggers the animation and out of the meganav that triggers the navigation). Any possibillity of fixing this?

Greetings and thanks in advance!

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PUSH .-.

Is noone able to help me on this topic? Would be veeeeery appreciated!

Having same issues. Must be a bug. I have to press twice…