Problems with components

Hey everyone!

I have some weird trouble with components that I use on my website. It’s about the header and the navigation.

I built a component for each of them, which I simply inserted as a component on all subpages.

I have the following problem with the header:
I have inserted letter spacing of 1px for the text in the header. On the start page it is the way I want it (Intro). But as soon as I go to another page, e.g. About, the letter spacing disappears, although I have simply inserted the component. I can’t explain it and have tried everything. What could be the problem?

Now to the navigation:
On the start page (Intro), “Intro” is highlighted in white because it is the current page. But when I go to other subpages, e.g. About, About is activated as the current page (correct!), but Intro also remains activated as the current page (incorrect!). When I am on the About page in the Page Builder, I also see that the element “Intro” has the attribute Current in the Style Selector, but I cannot delete it. Does anyone have an idea?

I appreciate any help and expertise!

Thank you,

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi Julia,

Only have a few seconds, so I can answer your first question.

The reason is that you have the letter spacing set on the Current state of your H1.
Also note you have Header Body on the link as well, I’d remove that to prevent any possible compound inheritance issues.