Problems With An animation

Hey There,

I have copied over an animation form a template and it just won’t work The collection is supposed to scroll through, zoom and fade. But right now it just stays static.

Here is what it should look like -

And here is where I am at -

Please if anyone can help - It is driving me crazy

Hey Simon,

Your image does not get larger on hover is because you changed it’s class from " Case Study Tile Image" to “Imagee 6” and if you give iit back it’s original class that part will work ( Also applys to all of the elements, doubble check which classes you changed and reverse engineer it from there) . And for the scroll in of elements I think you are going to have eto rebuild animation from scratch due to class changing and it being a cms or set it to a different element eg. Case Study Tile ( in the original template).

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