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Problems uploading images to webflow

@7:25 AM - I was trying to help a forum member.

The system would not let me upload an image to the server.

The system would not stall… everything else worked perfect…
but uploading would not work at all.

@7:55 AM - I tried again - problem still exists.

I did a full system restart with browser / cache clearing @ 7:40 and 7:50.

Not sure if anyone else is getting this issue.

See 3 minute video @ 7:25 AM

You can’t upload images to a read-only website, nor create pages, export the code (among other limitations I guess).

Well that just makes total sense. Thanks.

But that’s something I feel the need to have, too. I’d like to be able to upload and create pages, to make a demo video. In the future that would be cool if there was an option for the user being helped to keep someone’s changes. I think there was a message saying you cant upload, before, I thought maybe you dragged and drop the image and bypass the message but I tested and no message whatsoever.

@PixelGeek could you write somewhere in a wishlist that a status message could be useful when trying to upload in read-only mode? There’s one for creating pages: