Problems responsiveness Android 4.2.1 with And. browser 4 or Firefox 4,4

Hi folks,
i have a problem regarding responsiveness:
The good news: Android 5 works fine. So does iOS 9.1. But:
Android 4.2.1 (my mobile) only works with the latest version of the Chrome browser. Sometimes slow, but works.

Problems start with the latest version of Firefox:
lightboxes (fotos & videos) don’t work properly: at first white screen, touching it a 2nd time shows picture, same thing going back. Don’t adapt properly to landscape format. The more I browse, the less response, finally device freezes with white screen.

Worse with Android Browser 4 (
Changing from portrait to landscape repeatedly: lightboxes loose form, pictures get 30cm large and 2mm thin or more and more tiny. Hamburger button disappears or changes position, pictures don’t close, no nav menu; it becomes impossible to navigate.

As I can’t take for granted that all my clients have the latest versions of Android/iOS, I need your help.

Read-only link of my page:


Android 4:

Thanks in advance.

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