Problems inserting externally hosted animated hamburger menu

Hi there,

Im trying to insert an animated hamburger menu icon i found on Codrops (

However, i cannot get it to work and im getting strange error messages in chrome inspector:

Heres the share link

Url is

Error messages im getting is:

I use amazon s3 to upload the required files, and all files have been granted public permission, so what the problem is… is beyond me.

Any ideas as where to look would be greatly appreciated! Tnx a bunch

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403 means forbidden. You simply cannot use the files/script at that location. (hotlink protection)

Yeah i got that part :smiley: But what seems strange to me is that amazon S3 is made for this kind of stuff. I host other scripts on there for other sites too and no problems with those.

Might it have something to do with the type of scripts?

You will have to ask the owner of those files.

The source is hosted at webflow so I figured maybe somebody else ran into a similar situation and might have something to share with me. Which is why I posted it here. Google results on the subject all showed server side solutions, to which I have no access, since Webflow and Amazon are running that part of the show.

I’ve already learned that loading the html into an iframe does the trick. This, somehow, doesn’t seem like a very clean solution to me but it’ll have to do for the time being.

Nonetheless, thanks for your suggestions.

Edit: it appears its quite easy to make with webflow transitions. Much cleaner too :slight_smile: Check it out if you want to see it :smiley: