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Problems in responsive, please help!

I am working with webflow, but i have serious problmes with responsiveness!!
Here is my site, and here is the public link

From the designer, everithing goes well, but when i look at the site from my phone (nexus 5), all the layout of the Skill page is messed up!! What is going on?What i did wrong?

Thank you in advance!!=)

Great site! if you look at your designer, in phone view, that whole long page is being squeezed together to fit on the phone. Tighten up your design to fit the normal size phone screen or enable scroll. Some typo’s on the skills page “everithing=everything” and “needs=need.”
On the about page, shooting some photos and like my work. On the contact page, drop me a few lines and change wahtever to whatever.

It seems like having having your buttons set as absolute may be causing some issues. What if you put your button left and right into a column and your top container in it’s own section? I put two new sections on the page. I put the top container in the first one. Then put a column in the second one. I changed the column settings to horizontal for all modes and put the button left and right in the column. I canceled the absolute settings for everything also. I changed the buttons to 100%, then fixed all the margins and it works for me. I also had to fix the margins in your about class.

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Thank You! I’ll give a try! Can you give me some screenshots if i can’t get this solution?=)

Thank you for your help, it worked!!=D you can see it online :wink:

it still overlaps some on the phone right? If it has anymore issues, you might have to remove the absolute setting from the skill rows. Then just put some margin on it.

Sure, i’m goint to fix that! Thanks Again :wink:

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