Problem with Zapier "The app returned "ValidationError: Validation Failure."

Common Issues:

  1. Required fields are empty [Name, Archive, Draft]
  2. Field format is different than the input. Mainly image, URLs, and date fields.
  3. For single-select options, The inputted value is not already an option for that field in CMS or does not exactly match with one
  4. Image size is > 4MB and the File > 10MB.
  5. The name of the image/file shouldn’t exceed 100 characters
  6. Different domains were published at different times.
  7. CMS structure changed from the last site published. [Publish the site and then try]
  8. For the reference field: You’ve used name instead of its webflow ID.
  9. Added name/IDs in the multi-reference field. It is not directly supported yet. You’d need to use a separate PATCH call using the zapier webhook

Thanks for the great list @chintansavaliya. You obviously have lots of experience with the API. :smile:

For these reasons, using Zapier to sync data to the CMS is not easy. That’s why I created PowerImporter. It’s specifically designed to take care of all these scenarios so you can stop wasting time and get back to designing.