Problem with URL in exported code

I exported code from Webflow and I have some problems with URLs…
Whenever I go from page to page in URL appears index.html/#‘name-of-section’ or
gallery.html/#‘name-of-section’. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Project read-only link?

There are 3 obvious possibilities;

  1. You are likely using section navigation somewhere
  2. You may be using literal URLs that include a #fragment
  3. You may have a script that is modifying your URLs

Here’s the read-only link:

You’ve specified the fragment in your links;
e.g. #about-me and /#about-me

So that’s the link Webflow is publishing in your exported code.
I’m not sure what you’re expecting or trying to do here.

If you’re trying to hide the index.html portion in your URLs, that’s a function of your webserver and hosting environment, you’ll need to read those docs to see what support it has regarding default documents, hiding file extensions, etc.

I want to make a link that is connected to a section on another page. For example, I am in the gallery and I press the button “About me”. That link needs to go to the home page and then to that section. I want the URL to be and not

To tell the browser to navigate to a section, you need that #about-me fragment. Essentially the part before that specifies the page;

And the fragment #about-me specifies the part of that page you want to navigate to.

However if you configure your server properly to handle default filename, you should be able to get it a bit prettier;